TAG Calhoun

TAG Calhoun


About the Project

The TAG Calhoun QR tag tour is designed to entertain and educate visitors and residents about the history of Calhoun County by using mobile technology bringing location and information together. Participants on the tour scan a unique QR code connecting them with a mobile website containing:

Codes are scan-able with any QR barcode reader application installed on an internet enabled smart phone. If a reader is not available, the mobile sites may also be accessed by entering a URL on the phone's web browser.


The tour is a joint project of the Community Foundation Alliance of Calhoun County and the Calhoun County Visitors Bureau. Audio stories on the tour were produced by WYCE-FM (a service of the Community Media Center,) edited by J. Gabriel Gates, and written in conjunction with the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, Athens Area Historical Society, Calhoun County Visitors Bureau, Homer Historical Society, and Marshall Historical Society. BluFish Consulting LLC provided creative direction and overall mobile website and website design.


Inquiries about TAG Calhoun to alliance@cfa-cc.org or 517-568-5222.